Dear Friends and Congregants:

As the New Year rapidly approaches, we take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Shana Tovah; a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year. 
Due to our concern for your continued health, community growth, and our deep love for you, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Chabad require you to RSVP for High Holiday Services and meals.  All chairs will be socially distanced, congregants will wear face masks and we will pray with renewed vigor and appreciation.  Our prayer books are Hebrew/English with short overviews inserted throughout the Prayers. Our Shul is open and friendly, and Rabbi’s sermon’s are inspirational, concise and spiced with humor.

This year we are offering 3 Options...Come to Chabad and Pray with family and friends...Celebrate Rosh Hashana at Home - (We are happy to loan you a Machzor),,, Reserve a special time to bring your family to Chabad on Sunday afternoon to hear the Shofar and receive your special Rosh Hashana treats.

Chabad - Your Home Away From Home...Where every Jew is family!

Rabbi Levy & Chanie Zirkind

Havdallah & Selichot Services ٠ Saturday Night ٠ Sept. 12 8:00 pm
Rosh Hashana ٠ September 18 - 20  
Friday, September 18 ٠ 1st Night Rosh Hashana
  Join us for Candle Lighting  6:43 pm
  Arvit ٠ Evening Services 6:45 pm

Due to Covid-19: RSVP for Services and RSVP for your pre-packaged Rosh Hashana dinner.   We regretfully cannot offer our Communal 1st Eve Rosh Hashana Dinner.  However, you can pre-order and pick up your special meal to be eaten at home after Services
$360/Sponsor ٠ $90/Family ٠ $36/Adult ٠ $18/Child. RSVP required

Shabbat, September 19 ٠ 1st Day Rosh Hashana
  Shacharit ٠ Morning Services 9:00 am
  RSVP Required  
  No Shofar Blowing on the Shabbat  
  Kiddush following Services, with Pre-Packaged Meals Sponsorship Available
  Mincha ٠ Afternoon Services 7:00 pm
  Arvit ٠ Evening Services  7:30 pm
  Light Candles after* for 2nd Eve Rosh Hashana *7:38 pm

Tashlich will be observed on Tzom Gedalia - Wednesday, 
3 Tishrei/September 29.  Meet @ Chabad and leave to Woodward Park
followed by Mincha/Arvit & Break Fast Tzom Gedalia @ 7:23pm

 5:30 pm

Due to Covid-19: RSVP for Services and for your pre-packaged Rosh Hashana dinner.   We regretfully cannot offer our Communal 2nd Eve Rosh Hashana Dinner after Services

Sunday, September 20 ٠ 2nd Day Rosh Hashana
  Pre-Shacharit ٠ Shofar Blowing 8:45 am
  Shacharit ٠ Morning Services 9:00 am
  Shofar Blowing 11:00 Noon
  Kiddush following Services with pre-packaged meals Sponsorship Available
  Havdallah 7:36 pm

RSVP to reserve your seat in our welcoming open tent Shul and to order your prepackaged Rosh Hashana Dinner by September 14th.  
ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה מעבירין את רוע הגזרה "Repentance, Prayer and Tzedakah avert the severity of the decree.”
We need your sponsorship now more than ever and thank you in advance for your generosity! All donations are greatly appreciated. To sponsor a Kiddush, Aliyah, Yizkor Memorial, Break the Fast or any of our other Holiday or year-round programs, please call Chanie at 559-288-3048 or send us an email at
[email protected].  


Yom Kippur ٠ September 27-28  
Sunday, September 27٠ Yom Kippur Eve
  Light Candles ٠ Fast of Yom Kippur begins 6:29 pm
  Kol Nidrei Services 6:45 pm
Monday, September 28 ٠ Yom Kippur Day
  Shacharit ٠ Morning Services 9:00 am
  Yizkor Memorial Service 11:30 am
  Mincha & Neilah Closing Service 5:30 pm
  Fast Ends ٠ Havdallah ٠ 'Break-the-fast'       Sponsorship Available 7:24 pm