All Passover Services will take place at
Chabad of Fresno
1277 East Shepherd Avenue • Fresno, CA 93720

For more information please call Chanie 559-288-3048 or email

Tuesday, April 7


Search for Chametz

After Nightfall

Wednesday, April 8


Fast of the Firstborn Siyum

7:30 am


Finish Eating Chametz before

10:50 am


Burn Chametz before

11:55 am

Wednesday, April 8 - First Seder


Pesach Candle Lighting

7:10 pm


Evening Services & First Seder

7:30 pm

Thursday, April 9- First Day of Passover, Candle Lighting: Second Seder Night


Morning Services

10:00 am


Evening Services for 2nd Night Passover

8:00 pm


Second Night Candle Lighting & Seder

*After 8:09 pm

Fri day, April 10 - Second Day of Passover, Shabbat Candle Lighting

  Morning Services 10:00 am


Shabbat Candle Lighting

* before 7:12 pm  

Tuesday, April 14: Eve to 7th Day of Passover


Candle Lighting

7:15 pm


Evening Services

7:30 pm

Wednesday, April 15 – 7th Day of Passover


Morning Services

10:00 am


Candle Lighting for Final Day of Passover & Evening Services

*after 8:14 pm

Thursday, April 16 - Final Day of Passover


Morning Services

10:00 am


Yizkor Memorial Services

12:00 pm


Feast of Moshiach

Passover Ends 

6:30 pm

8:15 pm