Sunday May 29, 2022 
3:00-5:00 PM PreShavuot - Ladies 'n Kids Crafts Event [RSVP required]

SHAVUOT June 4-6, 2022

Saturday Eve   June 4    1st Night of Shavuot
**After 9:00 PM [ from a pre-existing flame] Holiday Candle Lighting @ your home
Evening Prayers, Festive Meal @ your home or by RSVP at Chabad
All Night Learn at Chabad Fresno begins 10:45 PM

Sunday Morning   June 5  1st Day of Shavuot
*10:00 AM Morning Prayers | Minyan @ Chabad's Outdoor Sanctuary
*11:30 AM  Reading of 10 Commandments @ Chabad Fresno or Your Home
                     Priestly Blessings
*12:30 PM Kiddush: Dairy Buffet & Ice Cream Bar @ Chabad Fresno following Services

Sponsorships: Torah $1,800 | Dairy Buffet $ 770| Kiddush $500 | Am Yisroel Chai $360

Sunday Evening June 5  2nd Night of Shavuot
*after 9:01 PM [from a pre-existing flame] 2nd Night Shavuot Candle Lighting & Evening Services @ Your home

Monday June 6  2nd Day of Shavuot
10:00 AM Morning Prayers | Minyan @ Chabad's Outdoor Sanctuary or your home
11:30 AM Torah Reading Minyan @ Chabad's Outdoor Sanctuary or your home
11:45 AM Yizkor @ Chabad's Tent Shul or your home

Sponsorships: Torah $1,800 | Dairy Buffet $ 770| Kiddush $500 | Am Yisroel Chai $360

To RSVP or to sponsor any of the Services open at Chabad, please click here.  

To have Rabbi recite the Yizkor for your loved one(s), please click here and fill our the form by 5 PM, Thursday June 3.

Kiddush At Chabad if sponsored.

9:02 PM Havdallah after 2 Day Shavuot @ your home

*All Times posted are for Fresno, California and must be strictly adhered to.  All Services will run promptly!

**Although Chabad Fresno will have Minyan Services on Shavuot, we must emphasize that only healthy people may attend, as Jewish Law requires us to take extra precautions due to health concerns.  

Any person that is uncomfortable, immune-compromised, or has a family member that they live with or visit regularly that is elderly or immune-compromised are encouraged to celebrate the Holiday of Shavuot from your home.  We have DIY Shavuot Holiday Guides on our website.  You are welcome to download it, by clicking here.

All Services will be held outside in our Shul Tent.  

Social Distancing encouraged.

Children must be supervised by their parents. 

Chabad of the Central Valley | Chabad of Fresno shall not be held liable if any congregant becomes ill, after joining Services at Chabad. 

We apologize for any inconvenience these guidelines and restrictions may cause.