It'll melt without your help!
Dripping Ice Cream

Celebrate Shavuot with us at Chabad of the Central Valley | ChabadFresno, or from the comforts of your own home.

At Chabad, Services begin 10:00 AM on Friday Morning May 26.
We will hear the Ten Commandments read from the Torah @ 11:30 AM promptly. We will conclude Services with the Musaf prayer, followed by Kiddush recited by the Rabbi and our Annual Deluxe Dairy Buffet. 

Please respect social distancing and health guidelines.  

With blessings for Receiving the Torah with Joy and Inner Happiness. The holiday of Shavuot signifies the marriage between G‑d and us, His Jewish nation.  The Torah is our contract and each year on Shavuot we reestablish our bond and commitment to G‑d and His Torah and in turn G‑d does the same for us.  The agreement is eternal and mutual.  May we once again reaffirm our relationship and receive the Torah, with happiness, peace and true inner joy and appreciation.

May we merit Moshiach NOW and to celebrate this and all holidays together in Jerusalem! Amen!