Camp Gan Israel is one of the largest and fastest growing networks of Jewish camping in the world. Today there are hundreds of them, in every city and on every continent. With tens of thousands of campers, Gan Israel is the summer camp of Jewish Children.

The Gan Israel camps span a diversity of cultures, languages and regions, extending from Alaska to Florida and from Australia to Zaire. But no matter how disparate, they are - like a spiritual starbucks - all alike in their trademark: Spirit, Joy, and Jewish Pride permeates the Gan Israel Camp experience.

In 1956, Chabad launched Gan Israel, an international network of summer camps where children of all ages and walks of life learn to love their heritage while enjoying the best experience that camping offers.

Back in those days, a summer camp complete with sports, arts, crafts, and specially designed entertainment was a novelty reserved for children from families of afluent means. When Gan Israel was founded, the guiding principle was that every child deserves to gain from the integration of education and camp activities: No child should be left out!

Gan Israel has since grown into the largest network of Jewish summer camps. The summer of 2006 recorded over 100,000 campers in North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, South Africa, and even Hong Kong.

Over 60% of children that attend Gan Israel summer camps are from unaffiliated Jewish homes. To this end, intriguing lessons and exciting programs present Judaism in a relaxed, user-friendly manner.


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