To order your Hand-Baked Round Shmurah Matzah call Chanie at 559-288-3048

First Seder Night: Friday, March 30, 2018
Candle Lighting 7:02pm
Evening Services and Seder: 7:00pm
Second Seder Night: Saturday, March 31, 2018
Candle Lighting after 8:00pm
Evening Services and Seder: 7:45pm

Couvert per Seder: $54 Adult - $36 Child per Seder
Sponsorship Opportunities:
Silver Sponsorship - $180 includes two paid reservations.
Gold Sponsorship - $360 includes four paid reservations.

I would like to join Chabad for other Passover meals as well.
Suggested Couvert per person per meal: $25 Adult, $18 Child

Seudat Moshiach: Shabbos, April 7, 2018 6:00pm No Charge, Donation in Advance Appreciated

 Reservation Information

First Night Seder Adults: Children:
Second Night Seder Adults:


# Attending Other Meals    
1st Day Meal 3-31 2nd Day Meal 4-1 7th Eve Meal 4-5
7th Day Meal 4-6 8th Eve Meal 4-6 8th Day Meal 4-7
Last Name
First Name

Amount to be Billed:

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Please mail to:
Chabad of the Central Valley • 1227 E. Shepherd Avenue • Fresno CA, 93720

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