Mitzvah Selfie Picture


Click here to join our Mitzvah Selfie Campaign for a chance to win a Samsung Digital Camera along with an 8GB memory card. (see attached photo)

Adults & Children of All Ages
Please join our Mitzvah Selfie Campaign! It's quick and easy!
Send us a portrait of YOU performing any Mitzvah for a chance to win a Digital Camera.

Pictures can be sent with via:

1. Email to

2. Facebook with tagging the Levi Yitzchak FamilyCenter

3. Instagram with a hashtag #mitzvosforlevi


Along with the picture, please be sure to include, name & address of performer and city where the photo was taken. 

Please note: All pictures will be for public use unless specified otherwise.

Mitzvah Selfie Campaign launched in memory of Levi Yitzchak Wolowik O.B.M.

 לז״נ לוי יצחק ע״ה בן ר׳ שניאור זלמן שליט״א